System Integration

Having over 20 years of experience in power generation system integration, we understand how critical it is to provide our customers with highly reliable and efficient products. That’s why our teams pay attention to the very last detail in every step of the way from design to after-sales maintenance and support. All of our gen-sets and power systems are tested to ensure the safety and quality before delivery to our customers.

Competitive Edges

Starting from analysis of your project, we plan and design products that work precisely for you. Our wealth of experience and knowledge allows us to offer customised gas, waste heat to power and diesel generation solutions applicable in environments from plains to mountains and from tropical to polar climates.


Every part matters – our power systems are loaded with components from our industry-leading partners to ensure the quality and reliability. Our dedicated system integration factory, located in Shenzhen, China, is certified with ISO standards and equipped with high-end machinery.


Our custom-made products are trusted for a variety of applications from standby power to peak and continuous power for data centres, logistics centres, hotels, marine operations and decentralised power plants.


We know how professional after-sale services are essential to you. Our Global Service Support Unit provides 24/7 specialised field technical service and supply chain management to keep you up and running. Our leading expertise allows us to respond quickly - whenever and wherever you need our support.

Products and Solutions
Gas Gen-sets
Diesel Gen-sets
Waste Heat to Power Solution
Marine Solution
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