Technical process that involves balancing a variety of customer needs

We design, integrate and sell Power Generation Systems, which we integrate with ancillary equipment utilizing our proprietary system design and integration capabilities

We specialize in integrating high-speed gas-fired and diesel-fired engine-based gen-sets and Power Generation Systems

Our sales team and internal technical experts meet with customers and engineering consultant to assess their specific order requirements and specifications

Our customers are primarily located in the PRC, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, the UAE, South Korea, and the Philippines

Power Generation System

We integrate gen-set with various components to form a Power Generation System. Power Generation Systems are housed in power houses, enclosed in soundproof canopies or housed in ISO standard shipping containers

Our soundproof canopy Power Generation Systems generally accommodate diesel-fired Power Generation Systems and have a power output from 80 kW to 240 kW

For an ISO-containerized Power Generation System, gen-sets are housed in an ISO standard shipping container, which is 20 feet or 40 feet in length and is designed to be “plug-and-play”

Asia’s largest and the world’s fifth largest gen-set system integration providers with power output of 800 kW and above in terms of revenue in 2015.

Technical Skills and Know-How

We design and deliver Power Generation Systems that can cope with challenging operating conditions, such as high altitudes or extreme climates

In 2006, we designed, integrated and delivered our Power Generation Systems along the Qing-Tibet Railway, the world’s highest railway, and communication sub-stations in the PRC with a total of 50 sets of 1.2MW gen-sets

We strive to ensure product quality, functionality and reliability and have developed comprehensive procedures and protocols for components sourcing, testing, assembly and operations and maintenance

In February 2015, we entered into a strategic alliance agreement with MTU under our SI business to co-develop the natural gas and biogas market by expanding the use of MTU natural-gas- and biogas-fired gen-sets in a number of Asian countries