Under Our IBO Business, we work closely with strategic partners such as MTU, CRRC and CNTIC to co-develop Distributed Power Generation stations globally

Our cooperation with CRRC and CNTIC on Belt and Road Initiative projects positions us to benefit from the growth in power infrastructure development in Belt and Road Initiative countries

Mr. LEE Chong Man Jason
Mr. LEE Chong Man Jason

Co-Chief Executive Officer

MTU Friedrichshafen gmbH

We are a global strategic partner of MTU and Bergen. Under our SI business, we have partnered with MTU to co-develop the natural gas and biogas market. In September 2014, we agreed to work with Bergen exclusively for Bergen medium-speed engine applications in Indonesia to develop gas-fired Distributed Power Generation stations for PLN


Our strong working relationship with CRRC is based on our technological and operational expertise and proven track record of cooperation. CRRC has extensive local experience managing projects in emerging markets, in particular those covered by the Belt & Road Initiative


CNTIC is typically an Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor or sub-contractor for our projects. CNTIC is a PRC state-owned enterprise, which specializes in providing overseas EPC services including construction power projects in a number of emerging markets, including Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Ghana, and other Belt and Road Initiative countries