We sell gen-sets on standalone basis or sell them as Power Generation Systems

We have developed our system integration expertise for gensets and expanded our expertise to also include system design, installation, testing, in Icommissioning, management, operations and maintenance of Power Generation Systems. The Power Generation Systems can be housed in power houses, enclosed in soundproof canopies or housed in ISO standard shipping containers.

We can deliver our gen-sets and Power Generation Systems to our customers within a relatively short timeframe. Gen-sets with high-speed engines are typically designed to be housed in ISO-standard shipping containers for long distance transportation and installation. ISO containerized Power Generation Systems are typically 20 feet or 40 feet in length. We have a standard protocol for packaging and delivering gen-sets to a variety of regions. We transport our gen-sets and Power Generation Systems by land and by sea.

Our System Integration customers cover a variety of sectors, including industry-grade and utility-grade Distributed Power Generation stations, governmental, residential and commercial buildings, data centers, hotels, construction and mining operations, railway projects and telecommunications projects.

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