For an ISO-containerized PGS, gen-sets are housed in an ISO standard shipping container, which is 20 feet or 40 feet in length and is designed to be “plug-and-play” for easy transportation, storage, installation and decommissioning. ISO-containerized 20-foot PGSs comply with the EPA Tier 2 emission standard. The ISO-containerized design reduces the size of the PGS and its operational and delivery costs. We have ISO-containerized 40-foot PGSs that are powered by diesel, which also comply with the EPA Tier 2 emission standard.

The containers of our ISO-containerized PGSs are designed in accordance with Lloyd’s Register Group Container Certification Scheme and the International Convention for Safe Containers to facilitate transportation and positioning with a simple crane without the need for any special equipment. The Power Generation Systems can be decommissioned and removed within days by simply disconnecting the various cable connection points, disposing of the used cables and loading the Power Generation Systems onto regular trucks with a regular crane. This allows them to be quickly redeployed to a new location.

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