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Distributed Power Station Renewal Awarded to VPower to Extend Its 20-month Kyauk Phyu Contract by Another 5 Years

10:02 am
Copy of KP.DJI_0023.1

VPower Group (SEHK: 1608), one of Southeast Asia’s largest gas-fired engine-based Distributed Power Generation (DPG) owner and operator, was awarded an extension to its Kyauk Phyu DPG station phase I (“KP-I”), to make the same power generation capacity available all the way to 2021.

The 5-year renewal took effect immediately after the original contract has ended, and KP-I continues to supply power from the strategically located Rankine state of Myanmar. The renewal is signed with financial terms similar to the original agreement. KP-I first went online in Q1 2015, built within 4 months after its contract signed. The total installed

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