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2017 Interim Results Announcement
IBO Business Powers the +176.5% year-on-year Net Profit Growth

5:56 pm
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Result Highlights

  • Net profit soared 176.5% to HK$150.2 million
  • Revenue increased by 34.8% to HK$936.4 million, mainly driven by the 95.4% and 14.8% growth in IBO and SI business respectively
  • IBO business accounted for 36.1% of the total revenue and 59.8% of gross profit respectively, becoming the Group’s major growth driver
  • Total gross profit surged by 58.0%, reaching HK$329.0 million. Gross profit of IBO and SI business increased 97.8% and 21.5% respectively
  • Overall gross profit margin increased 5.1ppt to 35.1%, attributable to the high growth of IBO business which has a higher gross profit margin
  • VPower Group International Holdings Limited

    VPower Group Enter Into a USD$30 Million Convertible Loan Agreement With an Israeli-based Power Solutions Provider To Participate in the DPG Project in Peru

    10:46 am

    VPower Group International Holdings Limited(“VPower Group”, stock code: 1608), a leading private gas-fired engine-based DPG station owner and operator in Southeast Asia, is pleased to announce that, the Group has entered into a USD$30 million 3-year convertible loan agreement with F.K. Generators and Equipment Ltd (“F.K.”) to participate in the 80 megawatt heavy fuel oil (“HFO”)-fired distributed power generation (“DPG”) project (the “Project”). The Project is expected to be in commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2017.

    Under the terms of the option deed associated with the loan, the loan is guaranteed by F.K. and secured by key

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