Our strong and fast execution capabilities and track record are significant competitive advantages in winning new customer contracts

Mr. LAM Yee Chun
Mr. LAM Yee Chun

Executive Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer

We are one of the world’s leading large gen-set system integration providers
We have developed our system integration expertise for gen-sets and expanded our expertise to also include system design, installation, testing, commissioning, management, operations and maintenance of Power Generations Systems
Strong partnership with MTU, Bergen, CRRC and CNTIC
CRRC and CNTIC’s solid understanding of local market conditions provides us with an advantage in gaining access to selected local subcontractors and allows us to quickly obtain reliable estimates of project timelines and costs before submitting a bid or responding to customer requests
Flexibility to adapt to customers with evolving needs
We provide Distributed Power Generation stations with “F-A-C-T” benefits: Fast-track, Adaptable, Cost-Effective, and Technologically-Advanced. We specialize in delivering fast-track utility-grade DPG stations near load centers. Our Power Generation Systems can be deployed within just 90 days after the receipt of the letter of acceptance
Highly Experienced Management and Technical teams allowing fast execution of project
Our senior management team consists of experienced professionals with strong technical, legal and finance backgrounds. Our technical team have worked closely with us, and have developed extensive expertise in our industry
Gas-fired Power Generation Systems are low fuel cost, high fuel efficiency and low emissions
We believe our young, gas-fired engine-based Power Generation System fleet enables us to better address the current needs of the fast-track utility-grade Distribution Power Generation market, which calls for lower cost, clean energy and fast-delivery of reliable distributed power