VPower Group renews sponsorship with VPower Dragon Boat Team


VPower Group International Holdings Limited (VPower Group) is pleased to announce the renewal of its sponsorship with VPower Dragon Boat Team, a Hong Kong-based multinational dragon boat team which has been representing the Group in various dragon boat races since 2015.

Named after VPower Group, the team inherits the Group’s can-do attitude and firm beliefs in speed, passion, innovation, commitment and adaptability, all the keys to success in both business and sport. With years of dedicated trainings and unremitting efforts, they are consistently among the top 10 teams in Hong Kong’s major races.

In recognition of the team’s achievement, VPower Group will spare no efforts to provide what they need to drive more brilliant results and extend their excellence from Hong Kong to the region and beyond.

“We are very delighted to renew our sponsorship with VPower Dragon Boat Team. As a company from Hong Kong, we take pride in supporting a sport that is part of our culture and a tradition for centuries,” Earnest Cheung, CCO of VPower Group, said, “The sponsorship will help foster sports development in Hong Kong, meanwhile allowing us to engage with our staff and the public in a dynamic and meaningful way.”


VPower Dragon Boat Team brings together 40 energetic paddlers from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, etc.


The award-winning team is looking to participate in more international races in the year of 2018.


About VPower Group International Holdings Limited
Headquartered in Hong Kong, VPower Group is an integrated expert in distributed power generation (DPG). It principally engages in power system integration (SI) business, covering designing, integrating and sale of gas-fired and diesel-fired engine-based gen-sets and power generation systems, and Investment, Building and Operating (IBO) business, involving investing in, building, leasing and operating distributed power stations to supply reliable electricity.


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