CNTIC VPower Energy Arrives in Myanmar


The vessel named CNTIC VPower Energy of CNTIC VPower Group Holdings Limited (“CNTIC VPower”) safely sailed through Yangon River in the morning of 26 November, and has started supplying liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) to the two power stations owned and operated by CNTIC VPower in Yangon today.

Being the very first LNG floating storage unit (“FSU”) in Myanmar, the vessel is 272 metres in length and with 106,283 gross registered tonnage. It is anchored at our MCV Terminal in Thilawa and will continuously provide stable LNG supply to the power stations.

Mr. Earnest Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of CNTIC VPower said, “LNG-to-power is a dream for many but a reality to the people of Myanmar, on this day we celebrate the arrival of our CNTIC VPower Energy and in front of viewers on national television. This floating storage vessel serves as a strategic asset that provides energy security for millions of households across the country. It has been an incredible journey for all of us, and a collective win for the nation which also brings special meaning during the celebration of the Tazaungdaing festival, “Festival of Lights” this weekend. Our Yangon power plants combined provide a significant contribution to the Myanmar national grid all year round, and is one honour that we are particularly proud of.”

CNTIC VPower is a joint venture of VPower Group International Holdings Limited (“VPower Group”, stock code: 1608.HK) and China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (“CNTIC”) which operates the first and only LNG-to-Power projects of Myanmar.


About VPower Group International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1608.HK)

Headquartered in Hong Kong, VPower Group is an integrated expert in distributed power generation (DPG). It principally engages in power system integration (SI) business, covering designing, integrating and sale of gas-fired and diesel-fired engine-based gen-sets and power generation systems, and Investment, Building and Operating (IBO) business, involving investing in, building and operating distributed power stations to supply reliable electricity. It is now a leading distributed power station owner and operator in Asia.

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